Welcome to RatingZone

The RatingZone website is currently undergoing renovations.  We hope to return as an awesome social site soon!

RatingZone is a patented recommendation technology that we feel is the most accurate on earth.  This site is an opportunity to discuss RatingZone and other recommendation technologies as well as a place to just discuss some great books, movies, music, games and even TV shows.

The RatingZone Recommendation Center  seeks to empower consumers to take control of their entertainment choices to get exactly what they want, exactly when they want it. This mission recognizes an existing and rapidly growing demand from consumers everywhere to receive personalized recommendations in every format. Media companies and their partners will benefit from increased personal relationships with consumers, additional revenues, higher profit margins, while building a strategic database of information.

Permission marketing offers the consumer an opportunity to volunteer to be marketed. By only talking to volunteers, permission marketing guarantees that consumers will pay more attention to the marketing message. Using a proprietary technology, the Recommendation Center recommends products that consumers will like, and that merchants can sell at higher margins, with fewer returns. 

Traditionally, consumers research a purchase by talking to friends or colleagues and getting recommendations from reviewers, critics, top selling lists, etc. One problem is that reviewers and editors can only communicate their own personal preferences; one’s own tastes could vary significantly from that of the reviewers no matter how prestigious the reviewer. People like what they like, and tastes vary greatly. The company that succeeds in removing the risk in making a purchase or rental decision, by accurately predicting individual responses, will enjoy loyal customers and increased revenues.

RatingZone’s technology allows consumers to experience movies, books and music that they may never have considered purchasing or renting before for one reason or another. For example, a consumer may decide to avoid buying the new Dave Matthews CD because she didn’t like first one. Another consumer may have never considered buying Tom Clancy’s latest book because he didn’t like his last one. The Recommendation Center has achieved accuracy of more than 88% in predicting how well a consumer will like a certain item, giving those consumers confidence in their entertainment choices.